Life Is Too Short To Work It Away

Showing Dissatisfied Employee A Better Way

``You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.`` Zig Ziglar

The Vision of Myjobkiller

Welcome to my name is Anthony Williams the Founder and Creator of this company.   

Can you smell that ? Take a whiff right now ! It smells like opportunity in the air .

Side note : I told a lady that one time coming out of the gym and she looked at me like I was crazy

I don't mind being the odd ball out in the crowd . To many people conform to their environments and other people around them , creating no room for creative expression.

Myjobkiller is really a labor of love and a way for me to help more people reach their goals in life.

My Story :

I have dreamed about financial freedom every since I saw Carlton Sheets late night infomercial.

I hustled up a few dollars and got the program knowing riches was going to shoot out of the program box ..

No Luck !

But it was a good try !

Being young and not understanding the value of hard work and developing skills , I failed before I even got started

Fast forward to 2008 !

I just moved to Charlotte NC , and was working as a gas man for the airlines , a job I hated with a passion .

Smelling like jet fuel , and riding the bus home to have everyone in the back of the bus move to the front of the bus, because I smelled like someone tried to set me on fire.

That job drove me online to look for a way out .

I tried and pay for too many program to count, all with little to no success.

 Because I didn't give up through all those years of struggle, I found a true mentor that has helped me to change my mindset and business. Notice the word mindset is first.

Later on I will introduce you to the same information and systems that I use to create my $30,000 dollars a month business.

I am so excited for you and your journey that you are about to go through. I really hope that you have the desire and will to change your life.

All the information and tools that you will need is here. It's all how you use those tools and information.

To your success with

Yours truly,

The Founder of

Anthony Williams


Your Time Is Now

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