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Hi my name is Anthony Williams the founder of

Our mission here at is to show dissatisfied employees the benefits of entrepreneurship, and the freedom and lifestyle that it can provide.

We believe freedom is the only way to live. Anytime you are stuck doing what you don't want to do , or cannot afford to do , you are not free.

We want to show you a better way. We want you to feel the freedom that more money, a love for work, creativity, fulfillment can provide for you.

To many people are stressed because of a lack of freedom

Stress in any area of life can be debilitating on our health, mentally, socially, and economically.

Our mission at is to set free the captives that are bond to work that may be killing them on multiple levels.

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A Taste Of Success

Can you smell that? Take a whiff right now! It smells like opportunity in the air. Side note: I told a lady that one time coming out of the gym and she looked at me like I was crazy..Lol I don't mind being the odd ball out in the crowd.(like most entrepreneurs) To many people conform to their environments and other people around them , creating no room for creative expression. I have dreamed about financial freedom ever since I saw Carlton Sheets late night infomercial. I hustled up a few dollars and got the program knowing riches was going to shoot out of the program box. No Luck! But it was a good try! I did have some success with real estate, but it was short lived. Being young and not understanding the value of hard work and developing skillsets, I failed before I even got started. Fast forward to 2008! I just moved to Charlotte NC, and was working as a gas man for the airlines, a job I hated with a passion. Smelling like jet fuel, and riding the bus home to have everyone in the back of the bus move to the front of the bus, because I smelled like someone tried to set me on fire. That job drove me online to look for a way out. The hate that I had for that job really put a passion and desire to have success online. Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Passion without wisdom is a fool’s game. I spent so much money trying to figure out the game, and still had nothing to show for it. This is where my determination and will to win pays off, but not in the way that I would expect. Back in 2011, looking for another source of income I signed up for a direct sales company and started to make some good money. The most money that I have every made previously. Having 1,000 dollar pay days. I thought I was finally getting to the promise land. Boy was I wrong! The company started to slowly go under and people start losing confidence in the leadership. The company went from making a difference to making people mad. Before the demise of that company and its leadership I meant and had a chance to connect with some great leaders and mentors. This is where things started to turn around in my online career. I’ve learned some very valuable lesson about business and success online and offline. A few lessons that where invaluable to my success. 1. Business is not about the product or the service, it’s about the person offering that product or service. 2. To have a stable business you must have multiple sources of Income. 3. Work harder on yourself than you do on your business. 4. Skillsets -the more you have the more money you make. 5. Nothing happens until something gets sold, learn how to sale. These lessons and many others have me at a point in my business where I am no longer depending on a company or a guru for my income growth, or success. I have and am learning to become a true independent entrepreneur. If you too have a passion and a desire to learn the skillsets and lessons that will set you free Check this out right now.. Go here now -->…
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